Tuesday, April 25, 2017


My mom (aka Grandma) has been threatening my husband and exciting me for 
2 years with the idea of getting our daughter 
chickens for her 3rd birthday.  

Guess who turns 3 this year?! (I'm in denial!!)
Who doesn't wear a princess dress and cowgirl boots when collecting eggs?!
Grandma and Grandpa visited over Easter and guess what we did?

We have 2 very excited little girls. 

(And 2 very excited "slightly older" girls. aka Me and Grandma.)

I have decided to blog about our experience in order to share our new adventure, as well as, leave a place for the girls to go back when they are older and realize just how crazy, I mean fun,  their grandma and mom were.  So please follow along on our adventure and don't be shy in helping us along the way!

May you have an Egg-cellent day!!!!

PS Thank you Grandma for the new adventure!
PSS Thank you Grandpa for all your help in making this happen!!
PSSS Thank you Charlie for going along with your crazy chicken girls!!!


  1. Can I borrow an egg?
    Have fun with venture.

    1. Stay tuned for how many eggs we have gathered so far....

  2. Oh so jealous, that hen house looks like a Castle! Happy gathering!